Release process

If substantial changes were made to the code:

  1. Ensure any new modules have been added to’s packages list
  2. Ensure any new public interfaces have been added to the documentation
  3. Ensure TableSet proxy methods have been added for new Table methods


  1. All tests pass on continuous integration
  2. The changelog is up-to-date and dated
  3. The version number is correct in:
    • docs/
  4. Check for new authors: git log --invert-grep --author='James McKinney'
  5. Run python to update images in the documentation
  6. Tag the release: git tag -a x.y.z -m 'x.y.z release.'; git push --follow-tags
  7. Upload to PyPI: rm -rf dist; python sdist bdist_wheel; twine upload dist/*
  8. Build the documentation on ReadTheDocs manually