To use agate install it with pip:

pip install agate

For non-English locale support, install PyICU.


Need more speed? Upgrade to Python 3. It’s 3-5x faster than Python 2.

If you must use Python 2 you can you can pip install cdecimal for a performance boost.


If you are a developer that also wants to hack on agate, install it from git:

git clone git://
cd agate
mkvirtualenv agate

# If running Python 3 (strongly recommended for development)
pip install -r requirements-py3.txt

# If running Python 2
pip install -r requirements-py2.txt

python develop


To run the agate tests with coverage:

nosetests --with-coverage tests

Supported platforms

agate supports the following versions of Python:

  • Python 2.7
  • Python 3.5+
  • PyPy versions >= 4.0.0

It is tested primarily on OSX, but due to its minimal dependencies it should work perfectly on both Linux and Windows.


iPython or Jupyter user? Agate works great there too.