Release processΒΆ

This is the release process for agate:

  1. Verify all unit tests pass with fresh environments: tox -r.
  2. Verify 100% test coverage: nosetests --with-coverage tests.
  3. Ensure any new modules have been added to’s packages list.
  4. Ensure any new public interfaces have been added to the documentation.
  5. Ensure TableSet proxy methods have been added for new Table methods.
  6. Make sure the example script still works: python
  7. Ensure python works and has been run recently.
  8. Ensure CHANGELOG.rst is up to date. Add the release date and summary.
  9. Create a release tag: git tag -a x.y.z -m "x.y.z release."
  10. Push tags upstream: git push --tags
  11. If this is a major release, merge master into stable: git checkout stable; git merge master; git push
  12. Upload to PyPI: python sdist bdist_wheel upload.
  13. Flag the release to build on RTFD.
  14. Update the “default version” on RTFD to the latest.
  15. Rev to latest version: docs/, docs/tutorial.rst,, CHANGELOG.rst need updates.
  16. Find/replace en/[old version] to en/[new version] in tutorial.ipynb.
  17. Commit revision: git commit -am "Update to version x.y.z for development.".