This module contains the global configuration for agate. Users should use get_option() and set_option() to modify the global configuration.

Available configuation options:

Option Description Default value
default_locale Default locale for number formatting default_locale(‘LC_NUMERIC’) or ‘en_US’
horizontal_line_char Character to render for horizontal lines u’-’
vertical_line_char Character to render for vertical lines u’|’
bar_char Character to render for bar chart units u’░’
printable_bar_char Printable character for bar chart units u’:’
zero_line_char Character to render for zero line units u’▓’
printable_zero_line_char Printable character for zero line units u’|’
tick_char Character to render for axis ticks u’+’
ellipsis_chars Characters to render for ellipsis u’…’

Get a global configuration option for agate.

Parameters:key – The name of the configuration option.
agate.config.set_option(key, value)

Set a global configuration option for agate.

  • key – The name of the configuration option.
  • value – The new value to set for the configuration option.

Set a dictionary of options simultaneously.

Parameters:hash – A dictionary of option names and values.